Frequently Asked Questions

What is BoopShare?

BoopShare is a way to instantly share files from your computer on the Web, for free.

See how it works at a glance in the User Guide; BoopShare is super easy to use!

Someone sent me a link like "", what is it?

BoopShare links let you view and download shared files on someone's computer running the BoopShare app. Conveniently, the files come directly from the sharer's computer, and everything works the same as any other Web download.

How is BoopShare different from "sync" apps like Dropbox?

The advantage of BoopShare is that the files stay on your device, and then people download them directly from you as fast as possible.

Sync apps have to copy your files to a server before they become available. Because this is an extra step, and because the servers tend to be slow, these apps will never be as fast or simple to use as BoopShare.

Does the BoopShare app copy or backup the files that I give it?

No. The files stay where they are on your computer until someone downloads a copy of them.

Will installing BoopShare slow down my computer?

The BoopShare app uses almost zero system resources unless it is transferring files or handling user activity. It is an extremely fast and lightweight program.

Could I accidentally expose files on my computer to other people?

No. Only files and folders you deliberately put into the app will appear on the Internet, and they can also be removed immediately.

BoopShare will also attempt to warn you if you ask it to share important user or system folders.

Also keep in mind that by default, shared items cannot be altered or deleted by other people, only downloaded.

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